Madras University Result 2023 1st Semester Released

The University of Madras just put out the results for the 1st semester exams for both UG and PG courses on August 28, 2023. You can find the results on their official website,

To see how you did, you’ll need your register number and your birthdate. But here’s a cool thing – you can also get your results through SMS! Just text your register number to 9242497014.

Remember though, these results are sort of like a first draft. They might change after a closer look. If you’ve got questions about your marks, you can call the exam cell at 044-28194334.

Alright, let me break down how to check your Madras University Result for the 1st Semester:

  1. Go to, the official university website.
  2. Find and click on “Semester Results.”
  3. Pick “1st Semester.”
  4. Put in your register number and birthdate.
  5. Hit “Get Result.”
  6. Boom! Your marks will pop up. You can also save a copy of your marks.

Madras University has a bunch of cool courses in Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, and Engineering. It’s been around forever and is super respected.

So, these 1st semester exams were done in April 2023. Over 1 lakh students rocked those exams! The results came out on time, so now it’s time to get back to studying.

High-five to all who nailed the exams! For those who didn’t, don’t stress. The next semester is another shot.

Some advice if you’re bummed about the results:

  1. Keep your chin up. There’s a next time.
  2. Look at what went down and see where you can do better.
  3. Teachers and friends can be a big help.
  4. Crush the next semester with all you’ve got! You got this!


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