Xiaomi Band 8 Pro Launch Date, Price In India, Features, Review, Battery Life

Hey everyone, Xiaomi just rolled out their newest fitness tracker, the Band 8 Pro, in India. This bad boy comes loaded with some pretty cool stuff like SpO2 monitoring, GPS, and even a speaker and microphone!

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro Price

The Xiaomi Band 8 Pro is up for grabs at ₹3999 in India. You’ve got two shades to choose from: Black and Pink.

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro Specs

The Xiaomi Band 8 Pro rocks a 1.64-inch AMOLED display with 192 x 368 pixels of sharpness. It’s got this cool curved glass protection. The band’s built strong with aluminum alloy and a comfy silicone strap.

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro Battery Power

It’s got a 200mAh battery that can hang in there for about 20 days on one charge – that’s pretty awesome! It plays nice with Bluetooth 5.0 and gets along with both Android and iOS devices.

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro Features

The Xiaomi Band 8 Pro isn’t just another pretty face – it’s got some real tricks up its sleeve:

  1. SpO2 Monitoring: It can keep tabs on how much oxygen is floating in your blood. Super helpful for athletes and folks living up high.
  2. GPS: No need to lug around your phone – the band has GPS built-in, so you can track your workouts.
  3. Speaker and Microphone: Yup, you can take calls, play music, and boss around your tunes with this band.
  4. 117 Sports Modes: It’s like a personal coach for your 117 different sports! It’s got your back.
  5. Heart Rate Monitoring: Keeps tabs on your ticker 24/7. Perfect for fitness buffs keeping tabs on their progress.
  6. Sleep and Stress Tracking: It knows if you’re catching Zs well and even gives you tips to unwind.
  7. Weather Updates: Like a mini weatherman on your wrist – it shows you what to expect.
  8. Notifications: It buzzes to let you know about messages, calls, and all the social media buzz from your phone.

Xiaomi Band 8 Pro Battery and Size

That 200mAh battery is a champ, keeping the band alive for around 20 days! Size-wise, it’s 47.4 x 19.5 x 10.9mm and weighs in at 20.5g.


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