Vijay Shekhawat Biography: The Forgotten Hero of Indian Cricket

Vijay Shekhawat, a skilled right-handed batsman, graced both Rajasthan and India’s cricket scenes during the 1990s. Renowned for his swift and fluid run-scoring abilities, he was equally adept as a fielder and a bowler.

His journey commenced with Rajasthan in the 1990-91 season, amassing an impressive 800 runs including a century against Bombay. Swiftly catapulted into the national squad, Shekhawat marked his Test debut against England in 1992, displaying early promise with scores of 77 and 90.

Regrettably, despite his initial prowess, maintaining consistency proved challenging. An early exit from the team followed the 1992-93 season. A triumphant resurgence in 1996 saw a triumphant century in his Test comeback innings, complemented by a notable century in ODIs. Yet, the elusive permanence within the team eluded him, resulting in another departure post the 1996-97 season.

Shekhawat’s association with Rajasthan endured until 2001, where he amassed a commendable 10,000+ runs in first-class cricket. His representation of India A further underscored his potential. Alas, an untimely departure from the national team cast a shadow over what could have been a stellar career.

Vijay Shekhawat, a name fading from cricket’s collective memory, remains an uncelebrated hero. His journey serves as a poignant reminder that even the most skilled cricketers are not immune to the twists of fate.

Key Achievements:

  • Debut for Rajasthan in 1990-91
  • Debut season: 800 runs, including a century against Bombay
  • Test debut against England in 1992
  • Initial Test scores: 77 and 90
  • Resurgence in 1996: Century in Test comeback, and a century in ODIs
  • Representation in India A
  • Over 10,000 runs in first-class cricket

Vijay Shekhawat, a cricketing prodigy, destined for greatness yet plagued by misfortune. His legacy stands as a testament to the unpredictability of even the finest cricketing careers.


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