Gauri Sawant Biography: Transgender Activist and Inspiration

Gauri Sawant is a transgender activist from Mumbai, India. She leads an organization called the Sakhi Char Chowghi Trust, which helps transgender individuals and those with HIV/AIDS.

Born as Ganesh Suresh Sawant in Pune, India, Gauri always knew she was different. She faced teasing and bullying due to her feminine behavior.

At 16, she moved to Mumbai, worked as a sex worker, and joined the fight for transgender rights. In 2000, she started the Sakhi Char Chowghi Trust, a place for transgender people to gather, socialize, and receive HIV/AIDS support.

Gauri stands up against discrimination and violence, pushing for laws protecting transgender rights. Her life and activism were documented in “A Patch of Blue Sky” (2014).

She’s known for founding the Sakhi Char Chowghi Trust, advocating against discrimination, lobbying for rights, and appearing in the film. Gauri’s bravery and efforts inspire change and promote equality.


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